The green focus for the Sheboygan Glas location was "Reuse, Repurpose, Refurbish".

Our commitment to the environment began with the construction of our building. The location was previously used as a warehouse and instead of demolishing it was refurbished to meet the needs of Cellcom and the coffeehouse. The entire steel structure was kept in place along with the roof, metal siding, insulation, concrete floor, and foundation walls.

Materials that weren't kept were repurposed, including the old heating units, overhead doors, plumbing fixtures, high bay lights, metal siding, sinks and ceiling tiles. Moreover, all waste metal was recycled during the construction process.

Much of the furniture in the Sheboygan Glas is refurbished from local thrift shops and Craigslist. The tables, chairs, kitchen counters and display cabinets were also reclaimed from St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis. Additionally, Energy Star rated appliances are used along with no VOC paint.

Outside the building, a rain garden was incorporated into the landscaping to filter run-off water before entering the river.

Local food is used as much as possible along with fair trade products.

To thank others who are thinking green, bicycle riders receive a reduced rate on drinks for doing their part to help the environment. We also offer a discount for those who bring in a reusable thermos as they are also reducing our carbon footprint by not using a paper cup each time.